Our Process

Stage One

Seabreeze skips recycle up to 80 % of our waste material from all of our skip hire operations in Perth.

Stage Two

Stage two of our recycling process is started with our excavator sorting any large items into areas offside, before loading the sorting plant with smaller general waste items.

Stage Three

Our Heavy Duty Recycling Trommel is loaded with waste material. This material is normally laden with sand and soils that are easily removed in a sifting fashion with the aid of the spinning trommel.
These ‘fines’ are sieved and stored waiting for pickup and further distribution.

Stage Four

The sieved sands and soils are collected with front end loaders and taken to an area of the yard for further treatment and storage.

Stage Five

Stage five requires heavy earth moving equipment to transport the sands to our stockpile areas. These sands are a by products of our skip bin hire service and are stored until they are allocated to builders or donated to local community organisations.

Stage Six

Stage six. The rest of the waste is then passed onto our picking belt that runs off the trommel. Our sorting team, removes all contaminated or hazardous waste that cannot be added to the recycled brick and concrete rubble.

Stage Seven

Stage seven involves further sorting of the larger brick and concrete rubble from our stockpiles and loaded into the crushing plant. This material is then stockpiled ready for use in our road base products.

Step Eight

Stage eight is the final stage and we are left with a heavily refined product suitable for products such as road base. Seabreezeskips have been providing Perth skip hire services in Perth’s Northern Suburbs for many years. During this time Seabreezeskips have been at the forefront of recycling waste materials from both commercial and residential builders.
What was previously used for landfill is now recycled , refined , and re-purposed into other materials that go onto form the base of our other building products.
We are proud to be able to recycle Perth skip bin waste at our recycling facility in Neerabup. It is a far better alternative than dumping our waste directly into landfill at a high cost to both consumers and the environment.